The FsRC Story

Now, some of you may already be aware, but, often things can get a little silly when you are running for 4+ hours in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain in bear-cougar & ‘aggressive’ lynx territory. Needless to say, at some point in the midst of the sillyness back in May of 2013, Jesse, Cody & Ben came up with the idea of starting the "Frasercore" Club. Since the majority of us all lived on, or just off of Fraser Street at the time, this name seemed to have made the most sense.

The FsRC gang hanging out at the Clubhouse pre-run.

The FsRC gang hanging out at the Clubhouse pre-run.

what started as somewhat of a comic-relief-of-an-idea and a few monthly social runs, has now turned into a social network for over 100+ runners in the community. Between our weekly Friday night runs, trail events, and team races, Fraser Street Run Club proved itself to be something far greater than the founding members ever expected.




Our Logo

When we sat down to discuss what we wanted in the logo, we all agreed it needed to bridge (literally & metaphorically) both the trail/mountains & urban aspects of our club. So we threw some ideas to designer Drew Roper, and let him do the rest. Boy were we thrilled with the results! He managed to fit in several iconic Vancouver buildings, the ocean, and connected the city to the mountains (which reference the Lions where the majority of the photos on this website were taken) with an outline of Lions Gate bridge.